spacex falcon 9 rocket Iridium Communications’ mobile telecommunications satellite will be launched into space beginning in 2015 by Space Exploration Technologies, better known as SpaceX. SpaceX’s new Falcon 9 rocket will carry the satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The new NEXT satellites by Iridium will replace the current satellites. The company plans to launch multiple satellites into space on Falcon 9 which will release the satellites on a low-Earth orbit.

[Source: InformationWeek]

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It’s called a vuvuzela and it has taken headlines away from the real action in the World Cup competition. It’s very annoying listening to it on the TV, I can’t imagine what it sounds like to be sitting right next to one, or two, or three, or a zillion in a stadium! While watching the World Cup games on TV it is very hard to hear past their noise to hear what the announcers are saying and it must be harder for the players to communicate on the field. I can only imagine the sound that is bouncing around on the field inside a stadium. Some soccer fans love the vuvuzela (obviously, else there wouldn’t be so many at the matches) and others hate the noise it makes. I fall into the latter category.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that noise comes from a horn, now the wired world has gotten into the act. As of June 18, there were roughly 30 vuvuzela-themed smartphone apps for the open-source Android platform. Another dozen or so were in the Apple's App Store, which sells apps for the iPhone and iPad. Most of these apps turn phones into digital vuvuzelas. At the push of a button, they emit a constant squawk just like the real thing only without all the hot air behind it.

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Eta Car Eta Carinae (Eta Car) is a bright star in the southern sky that is shrouded in mystery. A huge gas eruption in the later 8130s has hidden the star with a dense cloud of smoke – a strong indicator there have been sporadic continuing eruptions.

Researches and theorists are puzzled once again by Eta Car. Researchers from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis using data from the Gemini South Telescope in Chile and the Hubble Space Telescope have recorded a dip from the eruptive, luminous variable star. Records indicate a steep, inexplicable drop in Eta Car’s stellar wind (the outflow of gas from the star) measured as a change in the emission lines or lines in the spectrum caused by the emission of light at particular wavelengths.

Eta Car’s eruption 150 years ago created a dense cloud of dust obscuring it from view.

Read More about Eta Car

[Source: naturenews; Photo Credit: J. Morse, Univ. Colorado/NASA ]

nano butterflybank note Bank note nanotechnology based on butterfly wings could beat forgers

Banknotes could become as beautiful as butterfly wings one day using technology borrowed from nature. British scientists have found a way to mimic the iridescent colors of tropical butterflies, created by light bouncing off microscopic wing structures. The research could be used to make banknotes and credit cards that are visually striking and harder to forge. “These artificial structures could be used to encrypt information in optical signatures on banknotes to protect them against forgery." said Mathias Kolle, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.   Read More


Reliable quantum-bit production could ease the way to high-speed computers.

quantum dot UK physicists have made a key step towards practical quantum computing: they have created a light source that fires entangled photons when triggered by an electric current. Quantum computers exploit the inherent uncertainties of quantum physics to perform calculations much faster than computers currently in use. Whereas conventional 'bits' of information take only the values zero or one, quantum bits, or 'qubits', exist in a fuzzy superposition of both.   

[Source:; photo D. Brunner/iStockphoto]

Putting a quantum dot together with an LED can produce entangled photons on demand

Guest post from my friend Alex Rusoe

Have you ever asked someone "What's your favorite commercial?" and sparked off a conversation that includes those memorable TV moments that are ingrained in us--either from childhood, or more recently? Well, if someone were to ask me what my favorite TV commercial of all time is, I'd have to say the apple ad that compares mac vs. pc.

I saw the ad a few years ago watching on a satellite TV hookup that direct tv offers. The commercials are extremely funny and perfectly display how great Apple is and how much better their products are than PC.

That one will forever be on my list of best TV moments. Of course there are other great commercials. In recent years, some of my favorites are foreign ads, as American advertisers have descended into obnoxiousness, to a great extent. There are still some superior and unforgettable American commercials, though. But, when ever anyone asks me "What's your favorite commercial?" we always end up talking about that infamous and timeless Apple Macintosh ad.

Zynga’s newest game made its debut on Facebook on June 9, 2010. Pioneers are challenged to blaze a trail to build your own Homestead and town in FrontierVille. It seems like FrontierVille is not acquiring a following as quickly as Zynga’s last new game Treasure Isle did, but maybe I’m impatient and just need to give it a bit more time. Read some tips on how to get started playing FrontierVille in Zynga's FrontierVille on Facebook: Getting Started Tips.

A screenshot of a Homestead in FrontierVille.

FrontierVille AC

Beware of the bears and other varmits!

mars comanche outcrop More than four years after they were gathered, hard-to-interpret data from the Mars rover Spirit have finally been cracked. They reveal carbonate minerals to be a major component of a rock formation known as Comanche in the Columbia Hills region of the Gusev Crater.

"The discovery is significant," says Oded Aharonson, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena who was not directly involved in the find, "because of the intimate connection between the formation of carbonates and persistent liquid water." That connection helps to solidify the view that Mars was once warm, wet and perhaps capable of supporting life. Read more

[Source: Nature News; photo: NASA/JPL/Cornell

The Spirit rover found evidence of carbonate minerals at the Comanche outcrop on Mars

weather station Survey shows 71% of Britons are concerned about climate, despite hacked emails, failure at Copenhagen and cold weather

A poll of over 1,800 British people show that climate science's winter of discontent has not made a large impact on the public's attitudes toward global warming.

The poll, by researchers at the University of Cardiff, showed a small drop in public acceptance of climate change but not the major falls that some observers had predicted after a series of media controversies over the actions of climate scientists, combined with the failure of the Copenhagen summit and the record-breaking cold temperatures.

"By no means has there been a collapse in confidence in climate science," said Professor Nick Pidgeon, who led the study. "If I was in policy circles I would not be complacent, but reassured that it has not been as serious as many thought it would be."

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[Source: Guardian UK; photo credit: Cliff Leight/Getty Images]

Some crazy experiments conducted by the military have included Bat Bombs and Goo Guns

Military researchers have poured blood, sweat, tears and taxpayer dollars into all sorts of wacky experiments. There are plenty of reasons that they are willing to take a take a chance on just about anything. Some may feel that we need to invest in risky projects to keep an edge over our adversaries. Others may view unusual projects as a way of raising money for their own personal crusades.

             Bat Bomb                                                                   Nuke Test                                        Alaskan Area 51              

bat bomb       nuke test       alaskan area 51      


            Extreme Skydiving                                           Deadly Dolphins                                              Acid Guinea Pigs

  Capt. Joseph Kittinger        deadly dolphins      


               Pain Rays                                               Psychic Swat Team                                             Lightning Canons 

 pain rays        psychic swat team         lightning


Raccoon Vision

Goo Guns

goo gun

[Source: Wired Danger Room]

[Photos: Furryscaly/Flickr, U.S. Army/Mark Pellegrini, João Canziani, Corbis, U.S. Navy, Ohio State Highway Patrol, U.S. Army, Gen. James L. Dozier/ Bob Daughtery/AP,  Longhorndave/Flickr, U.S. Navy, Corbis]

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