Some crazy experiments conducted by the military have included Bat Bombs and Goo Guns

Military researchers have poured blood, sweat, tears and taxpayer dollars into all sorts of wacky experiments. There are plenty of reasons that they are willing to take a take a chance on just about anything. Some may feel that we need to invest in risky projects to keep an edge over our adversaries. Others may view unusual projects as a way of raising money for their own personal crusades.

             Bat Bomb                                                                   Nuke Test                                        Alaskan Area 51              

bat bomb       nuke test       alaskan area 51      


            Extreme Skydiving                                           Deadly Dolphins                                              Acid Guinea Pigs

  Capt. Joseph Kittinger        deadly dolphins      


               Pain Rays                                               Psychic Swat Team                                             Lightning Canons 

 pain rays        psychic swat team         lightning


Raccoon Vision

Goo Guns

goo gun

[Source: Wired Danger Room]

[Photos: Furryscaly/Flickr, U.S. Army/Mark Pellegrini, João Canziani, Corbis, U.S. Navy, Ohio State Highway Patrol, U.S. Army, Gen. James L. Dozier/ Bob Daughtery/AP,  Longhorndave/Flickr, U.S. Navy, Corbis]


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